EXPLICIT: My body, the woman

A vagina is a percious jewel?


And what is a penis?

What is its mythical powers?

Why does a woman have to explain her sexual history,

intimacies and etc?

Why must she always be "the victim" forever, in someone

elses eyes?

Always exploited 

and never having a say...

Roll eyes

See a grown woman before you!!!

She is not a child for pete's sake.

Stop telling her to close her "precious" thighs.

Stop telling her how many men to bed.

Let her decide.

Stop saying she's a whore because she enjoys sex.

It's her body.

It's her life.

It's her thighs and

vulva, vagina, clit being


Stop telling her she's a princess or a queen.

She is nothing more than a animal.

A sexual being looking for sexual satisfactions.

Shut up!! With that nonsense.

Let her be.

Legs closed.

Legs open.

This isn't 1744.

Let her bed whom she please.

Let her lick as many cocks as she's willing.

Stop calling her a whore.

And if she wants to sell her body???


Stop talking ONLY about a woman's sexual history.

"She gets around."

Stop talking.

Slut shaming isn't cool and guys can be sluts too.


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