Sticks and Stones (Stocks and Loans)


United States
42° 46' 16.374" N, 83° 24' 1.0944" W

Alright so
Sticks and stones wont break my bones
but this razor surely scars me.
Let it, let it
roll of your back
let it, let it
stay for a sneak attack
let it lay and die and say and pray that someday
I will be a glass house
the rocks can pour through and
sink me into shattering glittering pieces
its better than the guilt of picking up the glass
and seeing the after math
of minus signs running the ruler of my arm
subtract life
subtract love
subtract honesty
self respect and

the bilateral function does not equate
to sticks and stones
and paper covers rock
and the hands on the clock
begging to be stopped
and I am the second hand
too many more moves to go before i
before i
before i

Welcome boys and girls around lets
take a tour
of the mind turned to sewer
by the toxic you poured in
through the slits in my skin
as the acid slowly disintegrates my mind
and my heart
and whatever decent parts are left
to me.

you see?
sticks and stones wont break your bones
but the words will turn to acid.
the wounds will become placid
and the waste will soon be massive
and I will be dashingly and handsomely
and filth
covered in the sticks
and the stones
and the broken bones
of the others before me
who wrung theyre necks
and cracked their ribs
and swallowed pills and
slit their wrists
whose parents took the risk
of sending their precious child
into the danger and wild
of the public school system
and they came out a zero
while the few who were heros
my heros
were battered and broken
walking a road of empty promises
and bombed by sticks and stones
and those who sat on thrones
the number ones the
the the the
highest allmighty ones
who threw and turned and chewed the flesh
of those who couldve been best
but now lay down to rest
in the cold coffined cellars
as to attest
to the latest
and greatest
sadistic hatests
who will now be happy.

Sticks and stones wont break my bones
but the sun of your success will surely blind me
to the school dayed lay awayed hate
that you confined those like me
and i will never know
if you will never say
and we will never talk about
talk about



the sticks
and the sick
and the stones
and the thrones
and the hits
the hate
the blows
and sedated flanks
of societys upper ring
in this circus
but if you trip
you fall
in the
stocks and loans
will by you homes
and make them out of glass
your perfect life
your charming kids
they will never last
the sticks and stones
come pouring in
your homes are shattered glass
the stocks
and loans
and sticks and stones are born of
foolish crass


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