"Watching" … A Poem written by Big Virge 11/3/2006


United Kingdom

It's Really NOT COOL To Watch Me Like A THIEF ... !!!?!!!

Now This Story Happened To Me …

I'm In The Post Office Looking In My Pockets …
Minding My Business But As God Is My Witness … !!!

A White Lady Was YES … " WATCHING ME " …
A Box To My Right Was … " Unattended " …

This Woman Made A Move That'll Prove My Point To You ... !!!

She Came Towards The Box Of Course I WASN'T Shocked … !!!

But Then Another Woman Came Back With QUICKER Movement … !!!!!

It Was CLEAR The Box Was HERS … !!!!!
But Then The First Woman Made The Matter WORSE … !?!

She said,

"You shouldn't leave your things so carelessly !"

At This Point It Was CLEAR That She Was Referring To ME … !!!!!

At This Point I Was … " Cool " …
But Just COULDN'T Refuse To Start To Use My Voice … !!!

I Said To … " Lady Two " …

"I think it's clear, her view,
she thinks that i'm a villain, so, what's a guy to do ?"

THIS WOMAN Then Replied … "That's not what she implied !"

So This Was When My Time Was Spent …

"What would make you think, that I'm ignorant ?
Please state you case, and your defence !
You need to use some, common sense !
Acts like these may be well meant,
but may just cause someone offence !"

Both Ladies Then Were CLEARLY TENSE … !!!

Because I Posed … " Certain Questions " …

"Am I a thief, do you believe ?
A box can ease my poverty, or, hold the keys to my being free ?"

Of Course They Used The … " OLD EXCUSE " … !!!

"Think that way if you want to, it's clear my dear, you have no proof !"

I Guess That's True But What Would You Do … ?
If Someone Did These Things To YOU … ?!?

WATCHING Yes Your ... EVERY MOVE … !?!

Most People Would Agree With Them …
And Say ... "It's me, who's got the problem !" ...

I Guess I HAVE When People JUDGE The Way I STAND … ?!!!?

It Starts To Touch My Will To CUSS ... !!!!!

"Why you watching me, am I that ugly ?
Oh sorry, of course, I look scary, and
clearly some, think i'm a thief !"

This Exemplifies Why Society Has Got Such IMPROPRIETIES … !!!!!
It's Hard Enough For Blacks To Steer CLEAR of Police … !!!!!

They're WATCHING Us Waiting To … " Cuff " … !!!
And Nowadays SHOOT Their Rather BIG Guns … !!!!!

To Make Their Move .… NOT ALWAYS True … !!!

SOME Do Their Do Without Abuse But Trust In This It's Only A FEW … !!!!!

Some People Now Are Acting FOUL … !!!
And Are HOLDING Views That AREN'T So Cool … !!!

A Man At A Till In … " Sainsbury's " …
Was NOT SO THRILLED When Seeing ME … !!!!

I Was Standing WAY BACK About …….. Eight Feet …….. !!!
As He Paid His Bill Waiting Patiently …....

He Was Gonna Tap In His …. " Chip and Pin " ….
But Looked OVER His Shoulder As If I Had Moved Closer ...

He Gave Me THAT LOOK As If I Was A CROOK … !!!!!

Now ONCE AGAIN Most Would DEFEND This Mans' Movements … !!!

But Take A Sec … Where's Your Common Sense … ?!?

" Chip and Pin " ... ISN'T My Invention … ?!!!?
This Was Done By Scientists And Governments … !!!!!!

THINK It Through To STEAL From You I'd NEED To Have Some Pretty Good Tools … !!!!!

Your Pin Number May Be MISUSED By Those Who Sit In Rooms With VIEWS …

Big Brother's ALWAYS WATCHING YOU ... !!!!!!
While YOU Seem To Think You NEED TO WATCH ME … ?!?!?

.... THINK About It Chief …. !!!

I Suggest You Use CASH If You Feel Like THAT … !!!
But I Guess You'd Rather TRUST Your Bank ... ?!?

" Embezzler huh ... I'm NOT THAT MAN ! "

Your FOOLISH Fears Are NOT Well Steered … !!!
WATCH THEM BEFORE Your Bank Account's CLEARED ... !!!

It's Happening NOW And You May FROWN …
If You FIND That YOU'VE Been CLOWNED ... !!!!!!!!

By Those Who KNOW How Much You OWN And Where it GOES …
Highs And Lows Which Goes To Show We CLEARLY HAVE Some Ways To Go … !!!!!!!!!

Before We See Some UNITY …

From The Post Office To Going Shopping …
It's CLEAR Some People Are INTENT On …

.….. " WATCHING " …...

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