Where I'm From

I am from a no college family, from a brother in trouble with the law, and another brother with a mental illness. I’ve heard it all, the “you don’t need college to make a living” speech, the comments about how “he is a bad person”, and the questions asking “why does he act like that?”.


I am from severe anxiety, from sleepless nights, and a broken heart by the person I cared about. I am from confidence problems, from days spent sad, and more grief and hurt than most people experience.


But most importantly I am from a loving family and this isn’t the only way to describe my life.


I am from middle class parents who struggle to make sure their daughter has the best life, siblings who love me, and a brother who is now at peace and not suffering. Though even with this I have still heard it all, the “your house is kind of small” comments, the “you don’t want his behavior to rub off on you” speech, and the questions asking “how did he die?”


I am from compassion for other people, from nights spent talking, and a heart that still cares. I am from kindness, from days spent with good people, and a lot of good memories to make up for the grief.


But most importantly I am from a loving family and moving on from the past.


I am going towards college, towards medical school, and a constant drive to help people who need it. I am going towards less worrying, towards less sadness, and a heart that is whole again.


But most importantly I am from a loving family and it’s not about where i’m from but what i’m working towards.


This poem is about: 
My family


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