Where are you? What are you doing?

This is not right! Unacceptable!

Is this what you pictured?



So many questions

I can not fit them in

Not right now

Everything is due

I am due for my appointment


It is time for me to be examined


Under the scrutiny of those who


…judge my fate


Under the eye of those who


…know nothing of my life


They have no shame

A face of pure porcelain

Deemed perfect in everyway

I’m sick of it

Those glass-like eyes gliding

Up and down

Left and right

Peeling back my wounds

Gash by gash

Burn by burn

Please…It hurts

Oozing  hurtful those words from my slashed body

But I’m not scared anymore


And I do not know

How much longer

I can rip this page apart

With my black ink

Because I just caught a glance in the mirror

At all the lacerations

And they are smoothed over, glistening like porcelain

-Asia Small-


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