Judging For Acceptance


Why do I compare myself to others
When I know they're just going to judge me in return?
Then at the same time,
They're comparing themselves to other people,
And those people are comparing themselves to other people.
It's a whole cycle of comparison and judgement,
Yet hardly ever any acceptance.
People want to be liked.
To be loved.
To be accepted.
So why do they let themselves believe they aren't good enough?

Comparisons shouldn't tell you how to live or act.
There will always be people different from you, and in reality,
We all know that it's the looks that people are judging.
When it comes to the saying, "Looks aren't everything",
It's what people want to believe,
But no one ever really pays much attention to.

Sometimes it's funny
How the people we know and love most
Are the ones we get the most judgement from,
Where sometimes just a little comment
Or even a look from someone
Can affect a person so greatly.
How that person may feel so hurt,
But the one who made the comment
Doesn't have any idea they made such an impact.
In this society, it happens so often,
People make such comments without really thinking of their effect.
People live their lives with this judgement,
Because no one has ever really learned to live without it

Yet when the day comes that everyone
Dresses the same,
Listens to the same music,
Lives their lifestyles the same
And people learn to see beyond looks,
The world will truly know acceptance.



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