Tue, 07/23/2013 - 22:04 -- Annairb

All they see me is as black. 

No matter my heart, 

no matter my intelligence,

regardless of my dreams and desires....

all they see me is as black.

Why is black so threatening? 

I was always taught that beings are fearfully 

and wonderfully made.

This stands true for everyone, not just 

the white man, or the Hispanic mom,

not just the beautifully bronzed women of the amazon.

Not just the little Asian children, or 

the old Indian chief up the road. Not just the chocolate

men and woman who thrive in Africa, not just

lightskined decedents who have beautifully intertwined 

two races combined.

Every single being...

So what right have we to judge or proclaim 

absurd accusations of one's character of which we do not know.

What right have we to label and categorize

one racial class as a "thug" or someone up to no good.

What right have we to slander a group of people 

or throw dirt upon their names by using malicious terms 

such as nigga, honky, spit, or red skin....

We have none, for we each are the same in the eyes of one.





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