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33° 37' 21.4248" N, 86° 38' 45.5784" W

She spends five hours getting ready
Knowing all her hard work is for naught
For by the time she gets to her locker she will be tripped
Into a reality that feels a nightmare
The names she can handle
She has heard various versions her whole life
What hurts the most are the way people stare
As if she has worms in hair
Some look her way in horror, some in wrath
She shys away from everyone's path
In class there is no reprieve,
Her teachers ignore her hand for the answer
Looking through her is worse than being glared at
Invisible is miserable
At lunch she sits alone
Stomach to tight to eat
Afraid she will have food and garbage thrown her way
The bell signaling the end of school could not come a second sooner
A rush to home she slams her bedroom door hard
Shaking she knows deep within
Is where self hate is born
Beautiful and shy the kids at school whisper as she passes,
Only she hears FREAK, Slut, Crazy.
She can not bare to look in the mirror for she fears her own reflection.
When she finally does peek in the glass
All she can see is her low self extreme glaring back.

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