He looks out of place here
His hair has too much product
His suit is too tight
He needs to fix his tie
Is that a mustard stain on his sleeve?
His shoes aren't nice enough for this occasion.
She doesn't use enough eye makeup
Her hair is frizzy toady
What an ugly dress
She's overweight
Her purse is out of style
Her complexion is terrible
He's looking at me too
Our eyes have met
Great, now I have to introduce myself 
or I'll be creepy
He's walking this way
His hand is outstretched like mine
I reach to shake it and touch a mirror instead
She's looking at me too
She totally sees me seeing her
I'll be a stalker unless I go say hi
She's coming to me, I should stop
and wait for her
She stopped too
We finally meet,
and I can see the streaks on the poorly polished mirror
She is me 
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