Enslavement of the mind.

Today we are more sensitive to race than ever before. All the media has to do is put BLACK in the midst and Al Sharpton is on his way. I'm not saying racism does not exist. But why are we slaves to the very thought of it?

We say we are better than those before us because we have the resources to know what's going on around the world. Yet someone can be killed in your own back yard but because that person isn't identified as BLACK you don't care.

We feed into their views on us by retaliating ingorantly. We fight. Tweet out hate and kill but hate it when people say it about our race?

Today's generation is filled of gang bangers and rappers, people who smoke weed and twerk. No not all are like this but no entertainor in main stream society is pushing education or peace.  Peace is only brought up monetarily after something happens to a BLACK person.

We are enslaved by the "lifestyle." Confused as to what is right. We know bette but wiill still agree that racism and discrimitnation cannot happen to some one who is white.

Enslaved to the very thought that we were always viewed as less. Instaed of ising up and being better. KNowing we can do better. Fighting for that common ground without blaming our failures on the color of our skin. 

What if the world we're living isn't truly racist but our mentality makes it out that way? Our we then mentakky slaves?


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