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Please don't talk to me like you know his sin

like you know where he’s been. You don't talk or listen to him so you don’t know.You’re just looking at his sin and good deeds like it’s some kind of ratio.  Truth is, I don’t care about his pastbecause it’s done. It’s over with. It’s passed.  Maybe you should look at what you’re living ininstead of his past sin.Just because it’s where he has been doesn’t mean it’s what he’s still in.  You can’t say that Christ makes us new,and still have that point of view. Just because he doesn’t let you take control and doesn’t fit your molddoesn’t mean he’s sold his soul Maybe he is in the rightmaybe he’s fighting the good fight. I know you won’t agree,but it’s better to be a sinner than a pharisee,cause all you see is what you’ve done and sacrificed instead of Jesus Christ. and you think others haven’t paid a price, but truth is only Jesus Christwas able to pay our full price. You’d rather be chained to religion than be set free,but that is not why Christ died for you and me. If you want to remain chained then that is up to you. We’ll pray for your break through,but don’t expect us to live in it too and don't expect us to agreewhen you bash others who have been set free. 

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