You don't know their story




The girl that you bumped into today is being abused by her parents.

The person that you judge is another story that you have not heard.

The boy that you were picking on for wearing the same outfit is homeless

Another story that you will never completely understand.

The man that you teased for being overweight is starving himself.

Judgment is the spoken word that should remain unsaid.

The woman at the grocery store that you cursed at is going through a divorce.

What if you are judged for your appearance, your disability, your style, or even by the way you walk?

Judgment is ignorance.

Judgment prevents us from realizing our flaws.

Some people judge out of jealousy.

Some judge out of anger.

You will never know an individuals story until you take the time to love them.





It is insightful to say judgement comes from anger.


Lovely. Simplistic and to the point.

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