You Judged Me And I...


You judged me

Not by my mind

And my intelligence

But by my body 

And my looks


I couldn't think of

A more ridiculous thing

To judge by what you see

Or what you thought of me


Not by my kindness

Which always looked the other way

Or by my personality 

Which always forgave you


I am not chained down

by judgement any longer

Are you?


How pitiful

I wonder how many people

Will judge you 

Not by your good looks

Which have aided you for long enough

But on your intelligence and mind


I wish you the best 

And hope you see someday

That the mind and personality tells more

Than the body and the looks


And even now

I hope you never know

What it's like to be

On the receiving end

Of judgement.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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