You know those whispers you hear?

Those glances you receive?

And you ask yourself, why me?


Why am I the one looked down upon?

The one that’s always frowned on.

What did I do wrong?



Everything I say or do,

is insignificant.

When in reality, I think it’s brilliant.

I think I AM brilliant!

I think I can go far,

I could be a forming star!

But when no one expects much,

Then all your hopes, and all your dreams,

Are considered a crutch.


You know the feeling,

The feeling where you’re just a disappointment.

No one cares. No one notices.

People only see you when you make a mistake.

Everyone believes you’re a big ol’ flake.

A fake.


You swallow your pride.

You work off your behind.

For what?


You put on a façade,

a show!

Just to let people know,

that you’re here.


But what i most fear,

Is that the message will come unclear.


Oh, you’re a jerk?

Oh, you’re an attention whore?

You’ll never be anything more,

than a clerk,

at a store!


People don’t know you!

Since when do they have the right to decide my destiny?

The thing about destiny,

Is that it belongs to me.

It’s mine!

No one can ever take it!

It cannot be stolen.

My destiny, is golden!

And I’m the ONLY one who can control it.

Not you, not him, not her.

But me.

Isn’t that what I deserve?



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