The Book

People look at you,
And just see your past.
They see your tattoos,
And your jaded mask.
But I look much further,
And deeper within.
What I see inside you
Is a true gentleman.
I see a heart
That's made of pure gold.
I see a love
That will never grow old.
I see a skin
That has grown quite thick.
Not from gentle touch,
But the stings of the prick.
I see a mind
That races and roars.
With a quickness of wit
That will never keep scores.
I see a soul
That is so full of light.
When drowning in darkness,
It still fights for life.
I see a man,
All battered and bruised.
He may look defeated,
But he will never lose.
He is strong, he is kind.
He is bravest of all.
He doesn't mind
If others think he'll fall.
He ignores all their words
And their jabs meant to burn.
He knows he is good,
And someday they'll learn.
Don't judge this man
Based on his looks.
For I fell in love
With the story inside the book.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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