this generation

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 14:27 -- my-c


In a generation when kids of all ages are too worried or scared to go to school.
In a society where, you will never be skinny enough or pretty enough. 
Where what you see in the mirror every morning isn't beautiful. Where all your scars appear to be weaknesses. 
Where you can never be you, only because of nerve of some people to judge you for it.
In a generation where all people seem to do is judge.
But most of all a society where you get judged by your weight, height, mental illnesses, disabilities, your sexual orientation, gender identity, your race and your appearance.
In a society where you can't be yourself, where you can't do what you want without someone there to bring you down.
In a generation when all people seem to do is hurt you for no reason at all.


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