Don't Judge Me

Mon, 04/07/2014 - 21:49 -- raqsim4


Why do you judge me?

How can you judge me?

You've never met me

But yet you know me


False accusations

That you believe

You make reservations

On what you think of me


You think I don't hear you

But I do

You really know me?

You havent a clue


It's all perception

Based on opinions

But you forgot one rule

I am the exception


I'm a dreamer

I'm a believer

I'm a lover

I'm an adventurer


But you'd never know

Because you never cared

It's all for show

I know you're scared


Scared to get to know me

The real me

Not the person you pretend to see

The person I proclaim to be


If I could change one thing

It'd be how you think

And the judgements you bring

Criticizing one before you meet


I'm not like you

And I never will be

Im the one you'll envy

So don't judge me



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