Your stolid expression
Gazes over me like the sun.
I felt the heat of your eyes---
Which penetrate into the deepest parts of my soul,
Tearing though flesh and
The carefully constructed walls of my heart.
I am exposed, with my
Guts on a platter before you.

"I saved you."
Looking down.
You changed my name---
The part of me that I had left.
I cannot meet your expectations.

"Can't you see; you're free now?"
Free from what?
All I know is that
My hands are clasped
As if chained together by
The weight of your presence.

And how can you perceive me
If you can't see past the curtain
That flutters above your eyes?



Everything that I write now has something to do with Invisible Man. haha. Thank you Ralph Ellison!

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