Facing Adversity

Facing Adversity

There is one thing that has been bothering me

That I must address

It bothers me

Just like a pest


“Don’t Judge a book by its cover”

I think this is the quote that best describes this

My cover is American, Muslim and Pakistani

And on the inside I AM NOT A TERRORIST!


I sometimes just sit here and

Look back to the bad times,

All the racist chants I endured

They never left my mind.


My school life has always been

Well pretty gloomy,

Since things like, “You’re a terrorist”

Were all that pursued me.


To be honest, I used the phrase

“I wanna be white” a lot,

Because at the time

Those were the kids that put me on the spot.

And then I realized that

The color of my skin is brown,

I could never change that

So kids would always put me down.

Seventh and eighth grade

It wasn’t so terrible,

It was the kids in high school

Those were the ones that were unbearable.

Laughed at, picked on

All in the ninth grade,

I wanted to leave my school

And just dig myself a grave.

I heard these racist jokes and stereotypes all the time:

“Why aren’t you in Guantanamo Bay?”

“Do you have a bomb strapped to your chest?”

“Kill yourself and Go praise the Allah you obey!”

“Were you responsible for that plane crash?”

“You caused 9/11,”

“So, where is the bomb remote?”

“For what you have done, your note going to see Allah in heaven.”


I couldn’t tell if they were joking

Or if they were being serious,

So at the moment I didn’t know

If I should laugh or be furious.

People tell me all the time

That my dad is Osama,

What’s the point of being racist back?

It just causes more drama


People have also told me

To learn to fly a plane,

I told them I’m not looking to become a pilot,

So, why is it a skill I must obtain?


I think I have made my point very clear

And now you understand to,

But the truth is, unless you’re Muslim and Pakistani

You have no idea what we go through!





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