The mirror called Judgement.


            The thoughts of others haunt, a if I seem to think them true. Am I really mean and hateful? Or is the me you see really you? You don't say what you feel nor feel what you say. At least I peak my "real" but does it make it okay? Blamed for saying how I see, even though you saw them first. Am I wrong for saying them aloud? Or is it only okay if they were your outburst? You may catch more flies with your honey than my vinegar my dear, but is there really a real winner if there was a winning to be won here? You don't say what you feel no feel what you say at least i speak my real but does it make it okay? We will continue to live our lives in complete disagreement, because the eye to eye level? We will never meet it. Judgment, or the prior thinking before you say, even though its inevitable, does it make it okay?            



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