Who's the Judge?


I do not wish to say a damn thing to you and your hypocrisy

Damnation of existentialism driven by your thoughts of “true” Christianity

Scrunched face and squinted eyes

So, your students have thoughts of their own that exclude your God but why choose to criticize?

Thrive in what is different and unique

Build upon your own religion rather than dismiss with your critiques

We are not your biblical slaves to whom you may opine to

I know the same God that you know but you may think this untrue

Why? Is it my show of profanity or flexibility in beliefs?

Is it the controversy of theology of which I speak?

If so, then at least I am accepting

Doing what God truly expects of us versus the act of neglecting

Neglecting what is true in this world and what is real

Neglecting the actuality of what people truly feel

So, he has no one to call “Him” and she finds love in her own sex

But you, of all people, should know that only God can judge us, correct?


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