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However did I find you… I don’t realize how often you’re in my dreams Not the fall asleep type of dreams The dream when I’m a dying fire and you’re gasoline
I get scared.  I am scared.   
Looking in your eyes Unique, effortless Calls of the dark disappear I am weightless Awakened by your touch Name that echoes in my mind
I hear love is an amazing thing All the hugs, kisses, and gifts. But what happens when the person I love betrays Me? Leaves Me stranded in a deep dark empty hole, Trying to escape, searching for help, But I can’t seem to find any. Shutting down, I
The house is behind us. The porch light is on. I hear laughter inside.  It doesn’t matter. We are outside. The crickets chirp.
I am Cheif Oduduwa. I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change the course of your destiny.
Hi Friend,Or, uh. . .  Maybe friend. I only say Maybe Because it has been 52 days since I saw You last.
I can’t stop Thinking about you. I have loved you since The first day of 9th grade When you just Moved into our school. I love you.
i no longer think in gray.   i see you and i think in oranges, reds, greens, and golds. i looked into your eyes and i saw the happiness
please don't let me go i whispered to you in the dark of your room you gripped me tight and promised but how can you  make that promise when you don't know what the future holds
You act as if I haven’t been living from one fix to another the past three years of my life. You act as if I don’t know just how cold life is,
 I never was one for roller coasters, I like my feet firmly on the ground, thanks. But I’ve bought a ticket, I’m going to ride, so push your fucking mood swing higher. Look, ma, no hands.
Dinner at my house is a tug-of-war zone because of your 6’2” smile, your slightly muffled handwriting, your candy wrapper-crinkled eyes,
dear jd, veronica is hanging from the top of the bell jar, and her heart was poisoned with antifreeze. what are you going to do when the vault of your secrets destorys itself?
I have a fear of the unknown.  The idea of space frightens me, an endless void where what happens to me does not matter. I am afraid of meaning nothing. My room is full of stars,
He was born Sophia. But it doesnt fit him, and that name is as dead as the flowers I have pressed in my journal. Always there, a reminder, what I have to call hm in front of his mom.
I am not going to write about you. I am not going to write about him. I am not going to write about it. I am not going to write about me. I want to write about the world. I want to write about changes.
I don't want to find love. I just want to be free. I only care about the people who believe in me. It's hard to find a truelove out there. Sometimes, it just ain't there.
Love to be longed for, thinking it existed no more.    He builds up my hopes, then tears down my dreams.   Never knowing how much, to me, he really means.  
I love you. How can a phrase that small make someone's day, or month, or year.
We love with a love that’s more than love. It’s passion, It’s experience, It’s understanding.   He’s loved me at my lows.
Here we are You across from me You’re back is all that I see And she’s holding the trophy   The mistakes I have made are my own
I remember… It’s hard not to remember The pain you put me through…
hes truly something else to me i study him as if hes written shakespeare i worship him as if he were a god
finally found someone who makes me happy, so why cant mom just be happy for me  she doesnt even know him and she chooses to hate is there something im not seeing 
A feeling so brand new, But as I saw it in my rear view mirror, The image became crystal clear. The words that echo through my mind
Taking the plunge without knowing What was waiting  When this love was done growing. It was my first time dating, And I had no idea how good it would be.
I’m sorry... I’m sorry I’m not the perfect girl, and that I couldn’t be selfish for once. I’m sorry that I am nice to a flaw, but that is simply who I am. I am sorry that my decisions led you to today.
Laughing Jack strikes me down One of my nightmares Pitch Black controls my movements One of my nightmares My ex-boyfriend from Youtube RP finds me in person One of my nightmares But they aren't real
     Here I am, dripping with insignificance again. Pretending like I matter when someone else's life is tattered, and I'm acting like these shattered piece can't be put back together. Truth is, they can be; with love.
I want you. I don't tell you but I think it every day. I want you. Putting emphasis on every word I say it three times over.  I want to kiss you unil are lips are raw and there is no emotion left to be shared. 
My sister used a quarter in a machine the other day, one that drops random surprises, mostly worthless but still they are kept, for reasons unbeknownst by most As the claw picked up a ball, stale candy joining the fall
A hopeless romantic, a hopeless dream That’s what is real, and it’s all it will be. To crush false hope at the source of its seam.
he was a secret that I regret keeping locked away, deep inside my soul he stayed he shook hands with my fearshe befriended my pain
The promise he made to me about a hundred and one times, he broke. "I will never leave you baby girl," he said and where is he now? Only a shadow of a memory left for me to ponder in my head.
I want you. I want all your nooks, All your crannies, All your smiles, your tears, your hugs, Your kisses.
See, just day before yesterday We were in love He'd smile when he saw me Hold me close Too scared to drop me See, that's how it used to be Still my best friend My number one shoulder
I've fallen in love, once again He takes my breath away Everytime he touches me, my breath catches in my throat Everywhere he touches leaves a warm sensation as if his hand had never moved
Backstory/Commentary: This was written on May 5th, 2017,  right on the cusp of me diving into a relationship with my now ex,
Perhaps I was wrong, maybe my accusations have been oversung.   You were, as far as I was sure, the problem that made me fight.   But as I leave you in the dirt and move on, it seems
Dear My First Love,   Second guessing my hope in us Comes from the misguiding thoughts of others Talk of wanting better for me Goes through one ear and out of the other But I know what is best for me
Dear My Future Ex,   I'm tired of all the lying and the cheating, Our alliance suffers from treason,   Whenever we talk, we're fire breathing, Only time we aren't fighting, is when we're eating,
...I guess I can't call you my "next boyfriend." That would imply there was a "first boyfriend."   I apologize, in advance, Because the path to my heart is overgrown, Infrequently traveled but torn asunder,
The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to meThe second time I saw you I forgot your nameIt's been eight months since I first met youYou have been very good for me
My Dearest Lover, I don’t believe in using metaphors to define people. Metaphors are romanticized. If someone is defined by the metaphor in which I put them in, people no longer see the person,
You taught me to fear You taught me to worry You taught me fake love You taught me to drink away the pain You taught me I was ugly and worthless
(Verse 1) Just let me say I’m only a man I hope that you would’ve understand And see all the love that I had So high up but I’m about to crash and land Worse come down since my acid trip
I care, and Why by Henry Rude   You text me all day. What is going on right now? I would like to know.   He says "I love you" Beats and bruises, scars and slaps
Love.   A crazy little thing. It sets our hearts aflame, makes us brighter, radiating stars in the crowded galaxy of existence.
Our love Exists between Every star In the universe
the feelingof You next to me when You're in the room or across the sea est nonpareil our love so ubiquitous  forces my blind eyes to realize
A cool November night:   A fire blazes inside   
From that warm feeling in your chest to the "text me when you get home safe" to the person who brings out your best   Fom the "I'm so proud of you" to all the butterflies in your belly
I just want to thank GodFor this blessing todayFor a man that is interestedIn all I have to sayA dream chaser like myselfA go getter that won't quitUntil a Grammy is on the shelf
Why? Why me? How could you be... So incredible to me. You make me laugh. You make me smile. I wish I could always see you more than once in a while. You live in the city 
A heart is as big as you want it to be Say it again? A heart is as big as you let it grow like wool on a sheep. Hearts are fragile and can't prepare theirselves. Mostly, it's the brain doing the work.
I miss you,And by you, I mean that feelingThat feeling that once consumed my whole existenceYou made me feel whole,And brought me kisses down my backHugs that were so good I didn’t want to let go
My heart has felt everything and then nothingIt has been ripped and burned and then sewn back together with broken fingersSo I put it where nobody can touch it, deep below my belly, hidden in the darkness
I hope you read between my words  Because I unfold stories with just my tongue.  I've created lilac skies inside empty minds, And you have burned cities down to just ash. 
   Because I love you I listened to you, Because I love you I cared about you a little too much I lost my self in the process of showing you my love, in
I am sorry, it is time for me to depart I have seen the person that you really are Yet, he wishes for me to stay Pulling the same trick just so I stick around for another day
You say we need compassion, I say we need communication yet we both have a passion and our hearts will be each others donation. Because I love you I want happiness that will make us soar.
I wasn't loved You cheated, lied and hit I felt the blood run down my cheek You cheated, lied and swore It would never Happen Again I gave up I broke it off
Because I love you Means asking how your day was Or what you want to eat.   I love you means "I've got you," I'll never let you fall to your feet.   It means something deeper
You are crisp summer grass, the crunch of fallen leaves You are dandelion tufts floating on a spring breeze You are the muffled crunch of winter's icy freeze You are the sun and moon, the mountains and seas
Warm mouths intertwining Heated by the yellow sun Melting into one It was beginning to be Too much Too fast
We ate and drank and laughed until we could not be filled with any more. In the depths of the dark, the painful, you surprised me. You, a presence, when every other thing cowered.  
Doing all of these things becuase I love you...   Listening and valuing your opinions because I love you, Respecting and loyalty to you because I love you, Making you feel important and wanted
Because I love you,  I see things through a new filter. Colors are brighter, the air seems sweeter, and every touch feels like satin against my skin.   Because I love you, Love feels tangible.
consider falling and how little it is considered once it has begun; consider the notion of spiraling downwards without the fear of being young; consider our hearts,
“Because I love you.” Multiple definitions For words so loving.   “Because I love you.” Manipulative gestures
Where, oh where, do people get their boyfriends? Do they get them off of the street? At WalMart? At garage sales? Perhaps they get them at McDonald’s,
Your fingers trace my skin, like a pencil on a map. Slowing down over my edges, like a car on a mountain. I never know where your journey will take you. I just hope I am there to see it.
Him Twisted, violent Charming, sickening, terrifying The reason I can't sleep anymore Mort
I love you. I know I've said this about 1,000 times, but I want you to always remember that. There's so much embedded in those three words when I say them to you. I don't think you realize the weight of them.
you are like an unfinished poem, your story has no end,  you are the only thing ive ever been so sure of, the only person i do not regret. i used to be so broken, so unsure of what to do.
You put me on my knees and I sob to God "Please" This poem isn't any different than the ones before It's about how I love you  Something I can never ignore It's about how you love him, too
A girl once contemplatedWhat it means to be loved,What it means to be valued,What it means–to be a girl
It feels like I’ve never been alone before. Obviously I have, but that was so many years ago. I grew comfortable, you were a huge part of my life. Although, you were the part of my life that held me back.  
It all started in a sea wrought of Red and Black Independence among me, us three, never looking back But every backbeat moving me forward to the sound of music Imploring the euphoria we seek, of beauty.
  I am the perfect boyfriend The solution To all of life’s problems Her soulmate
A moment of insecurity in January of 2016 caused me to make the most careless decision that led me straight to you through an online dating app. This is how 2016 introduced me to most enchanting, loving, and selfless U.S.
You changed my world   The dark tunnel has gotten shorter, there's a light and I feel a bit warmer,  The rain has slowed down, the clouds have dispersed, I feel the storm has reversed 
You changed my world   The dark tunnel has gotten shorter, there's a light and I feel a bit warmer,  The rain has slowed down, the clouds have dispersed, I feel the storm has reversed 
Knowing that I could see your face Or I could hear your laugh Being with you Wakes me up   Your fingers intertwined with mine
The day that I met you, I never thought I would See a smile so BIG On someone's face, And I never would have thought it would be mine.   Summer nights and bonfires, Day after day
I awake to steady thrumming beat of a guitar string being struck, And I grumble ‘5 more minutes.’ It’s 5:30 in the morning. The interest in actually waking is obviously 0%.   So,
  You’re not my first,  but you’re definitely my last. I’ve been through a lot of heartache, but that’s all in the past.  
How could you how could you love me  and then leave me how could you tell me we were forever and then cut me off like a sensless piece of string hanging off of your beautiful body
This is the the letter that I'll never send. Dear Ex, You stole my heart with just one look. You broke my heart with just one word. And you fixed my heart with just one kiss.
Hand on hand, skin on skin, touch touch Sliding in your fingertips, touch touch Blood is sauntering, energy is wandering Both through the passageways of my veins
You say Beauty comes from within, but you always make it about my body. You say Patience is a virtue, but you keep wanting to go faster. You say With age comes experience,
You promised me Wonderful, glorious things.   You promised me A white house,  With not-blue shutters,  A pond out front,  And horses in the back   You promised me 
Dear Future Lover, I want a love letter One that tells me I’m beautiful How my smile illuminates a room And how my body sets the mood Saying my lazy eye is exotic looking
I made this bed Here for two I wait an hour I can't move   I want him here He said he'd try I know he is I can't cry   Its not fair He's so great
You won't get married to him. Not yet, at least. I probably won't either, but that's only because you're both cheaters. But for now, I'm glad I ruined your chance with him. By the way, you're a terrible cook
you are the reason the ancients worshiped the sky.someone so beautiful could not have come from the dirt of the Earth,you were born in the aftermath of a supernova. you have galaxies blooming inside of you
Shit...that's all I could say on the night that my dad made us go different ways. I said it three times as I put on my pants, and he knocked on the window as you pulled out your hand.
i used to be every girl in every song you heard i used to pollute your mind and populate your world but it's not okay anymore and you don't want me there the way you did before
i called you babe last night in a dream you stuttered but said love what do you need? and made me your heart and i felt whole again by being just yours every hair on end you took my hand
Something I can't live without isn't hard to choose he is one of many I don't want to lose. He spends his time loving and caring for me all while hoping I set myself free. He does not judge, he does not hate,
Whiskey never tasted so damn good on my tongue Until I could give you Jack-flavored kisses My farts were never less embarrassing   Until you named them "foofs"
My person is the thing I'd need most On a deserted island We would lay there right by the coast Smilin'
Not a day passes by on my own. When I don't have this feeling of you in my life. Your smile. It lights up the sky. Calling to say i miss you. You'll change your ways. When you realize.  
He inspires me to paint To write I feel the love  Burning inside Like a flame so bright The world would be blind He gets me He feels me He helps me Feel fine He's the sun
Alone.Together.Us.You bring mejoy    hatred.You make melaugh    hate.fall    pick myself    back up.Him.
Thank you. You changed my entire life with a simple smile. You bring me happiness and gratitude, and make me into a better women everyday.   Thank you.
How could I live without my hand warmer? How could I live without my pillow? How could I live without my masseuse? How could I live without my taxi? How could I live without my spell check?
Charismatic and charming is he, who steals my love only to flee. He who shines as bright as day, takes my heart but doesn't stay. Arrogant and scheming is he, who picks my flaws and laughs at me.
All I Need by Melia Candelaria Your lips, your eyes the way you smile at me when we brush fingertips in the store as we stroll through the aisles as though there is some secret that only I can understand.   The way your hair falls over your eyes i
I've never felt more at home, than with you.   If the apocalypse happened tomorrow  You'd hold my hand and say, "Baby the world is on fire, but it's okay".  
Your arms draped over my shoulders gently My head rests gently on your chest As your other hand is tangled in mine You’re watching me laugh at my stupid movies
Darling, something is wrong All day has been bitter words It seems our conversations have turned insolent I only asked for something from the heart
i'ld take my boyfriend he is making me take him i'ld rather have sleep ... WHICH I NEVER GET ANY MORE BECAUSE OF HIM
I can taste the lust in your kisses It forces your tongue just a little closer to mine than it ought to. I fear your touch but I shiver and press toward it. Am I a slut? I think this is what adultery must feel like.
Empty. Quiet and still on the inside. Everything stuffed inside the closet. Fire ignites, change happens.  His eyes meet mine and the flame gets fanned. The fire rages inside us.
Where have you been all my life? I've been looking for you. You hide from me where i can't find you. I need to find you. My heart believes you're the one, although i don't know who you are.  
I don’t know what love is in words I know I feel it   so well it hurts I don’t know if you Are the only one I’ll love In this particular way But I know that you Are living in my mind
My life, my light,Without him, nothing's right.Cliche? Perhaps.My chest would collapse,If we were ever apart.He's been there from the start,But I was blind,Trapped with someone who didn't mind
Mi Sol, Oh how I miss Your mysterious brown eyes Like a dark starless night. I love how you rub your scruffy beard Upon my soft, gentle cheek.  
Deterioration of the mind,  It's but a state of strained helplessness,  As I urge you to do what builds you up, But tears me down.  You tell me that I should learn to be selfish,  To take what I want, 
I fell in love in three days. In three days, I felt emotion radiating from your eyes as you gazed down into my own, softly cradling the edges of my heart as I foolishly let my guard down.     
A tinted red rose grazes my cheeks when I think of the time that you licked your lips after kissing me when I asked you why, you said you could still taste me. It was delicately beautiful and disturbing all at the same time,
There once was a time when you came into my life  We were once just a friend, teasing each other with playful remarks And giving witty comebacks to each other’s responses.
You know the twinkle in your eyes most people notice when you smile? I see stars and galaxies and colour. I’m often so preoccupied
Don't you know how much IEver did love you? Don't you everUnderstand my feelings? You were the sole reasonOf me stoppingWriting songs of love
The blue of the sky matches your eyes I glide around you, With pep and coyish glides The heat of your touch clouds my gaze And I yearn for that fog to stay I glide around you Red with craze
Love shouldn't hurt. I shouldn't have tear drop stains on my shirt. I shouldn't feel like I'm alone,when you're in the room. I shouldn't feel weak , with you I should be strong.
I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head Where are your thoughts Who is in them How are you feelings I ask these questions repeatedly as I want to know everything about you
He's desperate for another m
This person is not like the rest 
First time, lets try to rhyme. So i might not be good at this, but hear me out, are you still reading? I have a lot of doubt. K2 is a drug, that makes you bug out. Let me go ahead and tell you what its all about.
i love you is so overused thats why i always pause  before i tell you  that i love you because i want you to know that im serious and i hope for my sake and yours
Your lips give juice from the sweetest fruit. Your dick gives pleasure like an unworldly treasure. Your soul is not humdrum; it's much like the sun.
The weakness of being taken. I can't be taken from unless I am taken by. I can't be taken from somebody until I am somebody's to be taken from.
I am not she I will never look the same But, I am me And you are to blame.   You say that you love me How can that be? I am not perfect I’m only maybe a 3.   In your eye,
Complications are starting again,
there's this boy and i love him like a letter loves it envelope and my heart aches like too much christmas when i see him walking down the hall and he keeps   his     eyes
He read it at 9:30 PM. It's currently 9:42 PM and he hasn't even began to type. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. It replays in my head over and over.
My 4ft Bestfriend,
Once I wake up,
I use to feel like I wasn't enough For anyone to cherish or place above. I use to feel like I wasn't enough Unless it involved emotionally detached touch.  
We are a strong vine Entangled, Climbing, Growing Together we're strong
My heart is light like a feather, dark like night. Your heart is warm like a fire, brighter than the sun. Fire and ice, I'm dark, you're light, But if you mix it right, it can be paradise.  
I don't know what color his eyes are. I know that they're somewhere between blue and green and gray but I cannot say exactly   I have memorized every detail of him. I could map out his chest and 
The War   (monolouge) Damn  I just wanna Drink and forget It's hope and regret  If I sip
Violets are red, roses are blue, and as you can see, I am confused.
Always or never now and forever down for whatever ready to ride whenever ready to ride to the moon no matter the weather never too late or too soon with you everything's better you be my light
My American psycho likes to kiss. My American psycho likes me to be his. My American psycho needs me to love him. My American psycho is so stupid.   He has a dark, dark soul.
You tell me that you love me. Why don't you stop with these lies? You tell me you don't want to hurt me. If that's so, why, why?   Why would you break my heart?
Your mind is an ocean, wide and wavering. Your voice is a drug that I find myself savoring. You are made up of something more than cells and body parts.
You see, the problem is I have treated you as if you are the sun. And you are not the sun. My life does not depend on you, you are not in any way crucial to my survival.
Now to see if I still got it, if i can write a poem to make you smile so big your braces will hurt and your cheeks will blush, you'll get chills and feel a rush, you'll always remember and never forget, that you make me feel so very blessed.
Kyle was love.When my heart was shattered into a million pieces,Kyle mended each broken fragment.When my mind grew incapable of functioning,Kyle thought for me.When my feet grew weary,Kyle walked for me.
I have always loved the ocean. Blue, vast, and inviting, just like your eyes. My eyes are the color of the deep, green land. The land always grows with beautiful, exciting colors of comfortable change.
I've always loved the ocean and every time I look into your eyes, I feel as if I'm swimming in it. Every time you kiss me my world comes to a halt and I never want it to end.
The power of loving you is strong It can move mountains  I may not have said it to you yet but  I love you  Three simple words that mean the world 
I’ve seen society fall apart.
I feel this new thing New freedom Independence It runs through my fingers Like a snake Slithering And it feels nice I want to hold it away Pass it on to someone else
The way I feel when I'm with you is so indescribable 
These Castle Walls are stronger then they look. I don't  have the power to break them down, not as it took to raise them up. I don't want to destroy this beautiful master piece. Whoever built this, must have alot to worry about .
Interracial Love
As I go through my day Trying to keep my head up & just be okay.
I fight my way through your Loquacious verbiage And open facade Of a closed door, Searching for entry To your ego I give respect for your walls And take care To walk around,
Rainbows and butterflies, Endless laughter, that’s You and me   Although we fight at times, Neither of us gave up. Oh we’re Delightfully in love!   All that matter is what we have
I thought it would take years to find you,
The snow sprinkles down, It clumps together, And waits for its friends to arrive. I, too, wait, For something to do, In attempts to pass the time. My boyfriend shovels The new fallen snow,
I've been granted a garden but I'm picking petals off flowers you never gave me to place on my face so whenI see you at Walgreens you won't be able to tell how red I'll be.  
So, I’ve got a boyfriend and you’ve got a girlfriend.He loves me like I love you like you say you love her. He’s a very good man and everything anyone could wish for. But the star I’m wishing on is different than everyone else’s. 
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
You are the music of my heart, Each beat mistaken for a murmur, By every tone-deaf stethoscope, But I hear the melody.   Your tuning harmonizes with mine, Making the very scales jealous,
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
My skin burns where your hands once were like acid on light flesh. I've taken four showers today to try to wash away the pain but your handprint stays on my porcelain skin.
Prisoner of Words Unsaid  For so long For so long I've been a prisoner  A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me  Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
I haven't been this happy in so long Every other relationship that I have been in seemed to be so wrong But then you came along...   Treated me like a lady Catered to me like a queen
I love you more than words can say.
Thinking again, I should've left. Saw your crooked smile, pondering eyes. You left me in the dust, you didn't care at all.
I spent my days picking up seashells Running away from the rising waves So the chill of ice water would not make my feet go numb So I waited patiently for each low tide
Do you remember when you helped me with my books in choir Or when you jokingly asked me to go out with you? When you pressed your hand against mine or
Her reflection appears and she wants to cry But she remembers how she looks in his eyes He floods her mind with things she once thought lies Her heart fills up with butterflies
College may tear us If we're mean't to be, so be We will have to see  
Your black hair, your black skin, Everything is so beautiful to me. Your large hands are soft, and
The sharp and the stabbingLike the shards of a broken bottleAnd its gleaming smoothnessLike the beads of a necklaceThey cut my stomach  liningLuminescent- like stolen stars
One hour,
at first glance my heart wanted tp dance dance when i see you you light  up my face i never want to leave you i want yoou fiorever in my life
I love music and I analyze the world around us according to two genres: Hip-Hop and RnB More specifically I define love in terms of their beat What rhymes catch my attention and what rhythms prompt me to move out of my seat
Through the hard times and the good, I will always be by your side.
He's not worth my love, He's not worth my feelings. He's not worth my pain, And me getting upset over things. He's not worth my thoughts, He's relevant no longer. He's not worth my sadness
Do not show jealousy in the light of a mischievous mirror For that same mirror will glare back at you in madness.
Curly brown hair, Messy in a wonderful kind of way. Green eyes, my favorite color. Tall and lean and oh, That smile. That dimpled smile. That smile that made it all seem alright
Hurrying in to work, late again. The cold still nipping at my nose, The heat of rushing burning in my legs. I try to calm my heartbeat But it’s useless when I see you.   Warmth fills my stomach
How badly I want it. Maybe it’s this time of year Maybe it’s my own conjuring, My own extrapolation My own imagined solitude. But it’s eating me from the inside out Devouring its way through my heart
He may not know it but, she fell hard for him.  Harder than a naked body belly flopping against a freezing pool of water. Like glass breaking against her skin. She may not reliaze it, but he's drunk with love.
Why? That is my question. Why do I feel like you're the exact definition of perfection? Why are you so amazing even though I'm only staring at your reflection, Not making a sudden movement,
I don't want diamonds, and I don't want the world. I just want you to hold me close and tell me I'm your girl. Don't buy me a dozen roses or rings with big rocks. Go to the dollar store and buy me some colored socks.
I look over my shoulder And there he stands, My face turns red And I can't feel my hands. My stomach flips And the butterflies zoom, The lights go out We're alone in the room.
I know you blame me. I can sense it in your tone, and It's hurting me. Am I really to blame? I know you feel like I crushed all your dreams, and I'm sorry you feel that way. But if you really love me,
You were the best thing that ever happened to me; I love you, Michael.    
Depressed, frustrated Worried: boyfriend has mono Down, emotional
1. I've literally spent like thirty minutes trying to think of a number one. 2. They say a picture's worth a thousand words so if I could, I would take all the photos I have of you, nail them to a wall and call it poetry.
You are the fragrance of dark coffee.
Why would he remember?
I just wanted to be your dream.
Once you gave me roses,
We've been broken up for six months both of us are in new relationships , and I woke up this morning to a next telling me you love me how can you love me and love someone elese?
Parfois, il est vraiment difficile de dire avec vous,
I am sorry, I am a slut. I dream for what I do not have. I crave his touch if only for a second. For his attention to get off of you and on to me.
He buys you things, so you let him beat you down, (My mom) yell at you  (my friend) and call you a bitch, hoe, tramp and everything else indecent under the sky (my other friend)
Each and every one of my atoms were screaming for your presence
To help the one I love,
You've said repeatedly that I'm the girl you want, the girl you need But, you can't  just have me when you want her Long talks on the phone at night when I should be studying
Like a turtle out its shell Like bees around the hive Like a loud ringing bell I no longer need to hide  
A girl sits and thinks about the man of her dreams. Brown hair, brown eyes, A smile that beams, A man to help her through her lows and highs.   She imagines him as a doctor or lawyer.
I'm not sure what is worse falling out of love  or realizing that there's nothing left   I wouldn't wish it on anyone, no not even my worst theres too much involved to easily forget
I light a cigarette again staring at your pillow where you're supposed to be sleeping instead you're gone and smoke surrounds me  i'm breathing. I know, I know that I'm never right you told me.
Sweaty palms when I see him, I can't even stand up straight. Give me a break, I want to give him my heart to take. Or to break. I need to shake this is feeling. Go ahead girl, 
I feel broken down everytime he comes around in my mind is a trainwreck you love me, i dont give a shit. I feel the arguments seeping through into everything that i do
I know his footsteps and the catch in his breath And i know his laugh sorted from the rest I know the way his hair flips out in the ends And I know the freckles covering his face down to his chin
I sit next to you every night and feel the tension. You still can’t see why I want to be with him, Why I love him so dearly, How I could ever be with anyone like him, And one day, I hope you will.
If there could ever be a moment where I believed the love songs  It would be now    Because you're walking down the sidewalk a sight as beautiful as heavens doors  
And if you could have made it that much easier  I doubt you would've  It's so unlike you to give away anything  That could've  helped a single soul  Along the winding road 
The goddess of sleep and dreams Has beguiled me of you! She has robbed me of you completely.  
hundred tiny white shells at my feet, I have to tred carefully. Suddenly they crack, and I'm falling. What happened?! Did I do something wrong?! Down a hole where nobody goes,
Tell me why I feel like I'm slowly slipping away from you When we haven't even been together for long I just feel like I'm not good enough for you I feel like I can't be the girl you dream of me to be But I do try
You're like a post it note with a laundry list of things to do Your always there, even if we don't do anything I want the warm embrace I feel in your arms
I hear a faint dissonance travel You again, in homely tears  I am the wet nurse at your disposal;  So, let me be drained by the frenzy of desperation . . . .   Crusade along the barren land,
Time goes by I'm glad that you're gone I hated everything about you Your color,the way you tasted, even the way you looked the pain you caused me by my peers will always be in my ears there remarks on my tone
In the late I've thought, "my life is going well,"
You're teaching me things every day. I learn more about you: The things you like, And the things you don't like. It's all very interesting. You're a very unique and special person to me.
You give me some kind of feeling. I'm excited, Yet a little scared and apprehensive at the same time. Will I do it right? Will I be good enough?
Yesterday was something special. Just a simple conversation that meant so much. I believe now, that there may be some hope for us, That is not just in my dreams.
If only you knew How my heart jumps a little when I see you, How I spend hours picking out an outfit, And go all out with my makeup Only to impress you If only you knew
I remember  the way our eyes met,  when we first talked.   I remember  the way our lips touched, when we first kissed.   I remember  the way your fingers fit perfectly in mine,
Maybe the timing’s not right. Or maybe it’s just not meant to be. Should I put up a fight? Or should I let it be?   I keep running into you. We’re so close, yet so far.
I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,another half to make my heart whole.
An ocean of my blood and tearskilling me with my own fears.I let myself drownin all this misery.You can trybut I won't let you save me.
I was tangled around the spider web you’ve Been weaving throughout your life Messing around always keeping me down But then why did I want more?
DIG ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING GRAVE!Stop burying me in past memories,Forgotten conversations,Guilty Temptations,The unending persuasionsTo take you back-  NO!
How is it possible for me to miss you like this?All I want is your embrace and one more kiss.Then another and another and I won't let you leave.Every second you're away is every second I grieve.I must confess, I'm obsessedBut when you're with me I
She cares, even if she shouldn't. She loved, even when she promised she wouldn't. She let him go, even when her heart couldn't.   He promised her his heart for ever. Would he walk away, he swore....never.
Our first evening in London he Keeps his arm around my waist and I Laugh at everything   He kisses me in the door of the flat And doesn’t kiss me again until we wake up
 Burning slowly Like I'm set on fire This can't be good It doesn't always feel this way The slice of rose thorns severing My veins Tearing me apart from outside to inside A brewing poison
They say young love doesn't last long. I'm hoping we can prove them wrong. Let's take it back to when we first met. You was posted up looking at the basketball net. The first thing I notice was your eyes.
Oh, LordWhat have I done?I've ruined everythingJust because I can't say "no"Or control my paranoia or my frustration
He first treated you like you wore a crown. He fucked with your mind until your smile was a permanent frown. He convinced you as if you were the one at fault. Like a daily dose of a wound filled with salt.
The moment of return. The sun setting in the daylight. The embrace of the clearing clouds. The touch of the warmness. Something felt before, but once lost. Given the chance to experience to be a firework.
We started out on cloud ninewe never imagined being apartwe were forever, we were together.We had it all planned out, right down to the day we said I Do. But then the hate startedthe stressreality had settled in and it was trying to tear us apart 
Silence stretches Between you and iIts painfully quietThe music turned on highTo drown outThe painful truth 
Betrayal BruisedLeft aloneNo one to holdNo one to love
You stand there, not even acknowledging my very being. Looking at you, my vision goes red with hate and lust. Like the wind in the night, you snuck up behind me and swept me off my feet.
Starting from the end Coming to the beginning Following the cheese In a maze The sun  Like the moon Plead with me See the hiding hooves See the appearing rain Rain
  I want the boy with our baby cradled to his chest I want the girl wearing leggings and my sweatshirt I want someone  who will share food with me and let me barrow their fork
If I ever get knocked down, please pick me up If I ever give up, talk me out If I ever say enough, say not quite If I ever start to cry, just hold me tight If I ever miss you, tell me I miss you back
A year now we've been together although sometimes its seems like forever at first I wasn't sure I''d fall for a hunky guy 6'3 tall but somehow you captured my heart
                                                 Different,                Different is the laughter,                 Different are the tears,                 Different is the feeling               knowing you're one of my fears.                  
You don't know me yet, but I know you,And I understand how you feel. We want the same thing. You feel like you can't find the right one,When in retrospect, the right one is me. 
When the rain falls at night It helps me to sleep It washes away  All the pain that I weep   I try my best  To look beyond the bad But it keeps coming back  Like my pen to my pad  
Trying to find the words  To say but you being yourself wouldn't understand it's a bittersweet quality. Moistened lips so pink and full my heart wants to tell you but my brain and foolish ego won't.
She really thought it was real this time She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one So she danced with words on her tongue  And made him feel like a prince
If he walks by and sees youBe carefulYou're like rare pork lined and soaked in fresh bloodAnd just by the way he walks and talksYou'll undeniably fall for his perfect charm
Why do women fall in love with men who are completely wrong for them? Is it a hidden sense kindled from our genetic nurturing trait that we think we can baby bad boys into good men?
"Whenever I miss you I tell my heart no. I then close my eyes and let the memories roll. Out of my eyelids and straight down my cheeks. Pouring into the pillow that captures my dreams. And as my heart sinks when the images do fade..
I'm terrified of falling but I’d fall for you . Heartaches , knee scrapes , & a couple tears too . I’d relive the very anguished reason my heart grew hard & stopped believing . I’d risk my all for a taste of your everything .
One call in the fall. A text in the winter. You say you're at home but I see you out with her. Must pain you a lot that we broke up. Because 2 days later you two hook up. One smile in the spring.
Tears roll down my face as I read our old messages. Everything you said to me seemed so true at the time. I knew you messed up in the past, but I was willing to let the past be just that. . .  the past.
I've known you for a long time I was yours and you were mine Deep in our hearts Our lips didn't have to part I had your back and you had mine I fell and you caught me, time after time
You are the best thing I have ever had My love My best friend Just about my everything Then everything changed one day I lost you You were no longer there for me Couldn't wipe my tears away
Friends run around the blazing heat Capturing the sand under our feet Screaming like we've lost it all We'll party till the wheels fall Seeing stars in our eyes Not a care is given about how fast time flies
The first step can be the longest. When you want to forget someone. The first step can be challenging. When you feel as if you could never forget them. The first step can be the hardest. When you want to tell them everything. Let them now.
Deleted talent you should not have wentIn my heart that beats there are a few dentsThe dark will be there forever moreAnd my pillow will forever be the cureEyes are heavy and the body is weak
Some people wonder how I do it, Why I wait for this man. Because Im proud of what he does, I love him because I can.
(poems go here)Things come and go, We sit and stare out the window. Thinking what we’ll miss, And would it be different if we hadn’t kiss.   One day there, here, and the next gone,
She smiles as she looks at him Mesmoriezed by his eyes Light brown with a twinkle Kind of like the stars in the sky   She smiles as she looks at him Mesmoriezed by his smile
You must love to watch me crybecause since the beginningthat’s all you have caused me,tears and breathless sobsand i sit here as these big dropsof sadness and despaircrash like waves onto my face
The day I met you. Seems like just yesterday, when it was love at first sight. My first day.  You were wearing a McDonalds uniform as was I. Drenched in sweat you still said "hi".
These scars here are r e a l. Seems as though I -  Love -  You ,                      does'nt quite appeal. But this is how I f e e l. Like I could capture the whole world-right before your eyes.
Lies! That's all I tell. Maybe, I'll rot in hell.   Playing with your feelings Making you fall deeper in love With me.   If I just rolled over and died I know you'd cry
Shes blind She walks around thinking they are really her friends Thinking that he truly loves her She is deaf Hearing only what she wants The rumors are nothing but a lie
You've changed? You once loved me and called me everyday Now you rarely say my name You've changed? It all started when distance was put between us  Seperated by only a few miles
It's the start of electricity; a spark It's a dream you never want to wake from, It's happiness;it's completeness It's a beautiful art piece It's a maze you want to get lost in It's flashbacks,
In the presence of royalty, she bows down and worships thee, Kissing everything from his eyebrows to his feet, Thinking that he’s real, and loves more than her sex appeal,
We together make Us, We, Us you and me. We fight We argue We disagree We, you and me. We laugh We smile We joke We, you and me.
Don't try to explain yourself I know the truth I never want to be by myself never wanted to hurt you.
Such a deep love, impossible to ignore We're pulled together, while others pull us apart. Love is forgotten, making life such a bore The lost memories, breaking every heart.
I wonder how you came to be for your stone cold heart doesn’t seem to beat. There’s a chunk of ice in you chest, frozen so cold you will never rest. The Love I gave you could never undo
like the way an entire scarf can be unrecognizable if you pull the right strings like the way a teapot shatters when you drop it like the way a melody is distorted when you add an extra sharp
You only held me back. Clipped my wings so I couldn't fly. Well look at me now. Soaring way up high and flying free. You'll never again take that away from me.
I've seen those hands before In a different country far from here I've smelled that scent before But it's not like he's standing beside me Flashbacks through my senses
Stomach flutters, more vulgure than butterflies I see him, more than with my eyes Lip-locked, constantly catching me by surprise I'm ready I'm waiting, he's more than amazing This one has got my mind pacing
Kiss me, shove me, break me Turn these shades to black & blue, Peel back this skin, make it new Love me, hate me, infuriate me Scream a little louder; I can't hear you,
A silver hair spins a thousand tales unspun. It comes, drifts, sinks and leaves, Blinded by what it thinks, hears and sees. In a world where the two, seeks the one.
Do you want to know how I feel? There are butterflies swarming around my stomach at all times of my existence. My bones shake and my heart rate goes through the roof.
The way I felt when I met you is the way I want to feel all the time. The way I felt when you touched me like chills up my spine. The way I felt when you kissed me like a thousand butterflies.
Eyes like Storms, Secrets churning in their depths. Emotion; chained. Encased in glacial stone. Arrogance incarnate In his Golden Crown. Athena’s blessing Behind his brow.
I feel your breath against my face such evidence of Love's embrace A gentle whisper ever so close as if softly brushing my lips with yours
All I can think is I don’t want to go there I don’t want to go there I’ve always refused to go there Tour there Talk about there Other than the dropping of a name or two
My love is a like a burning red rose with thorns that prick small fingers, illuminating my sunburnt pink nose. You keep me safe from life’s terrors. The shelter of your arms hides me from all
The man controls the puppet, The second it is finally made- And goes on to make the rest To fulfill a romantic charade.
So i've heard that all is fair in this thing of love in war. But in reality people fight dirty, nothing is fair anymore. Our love is stolen, sometimes never given back. We give it away so much, we eventually lose track.
Roses are red Violets are blue my boyfriend is really sweet he's there for me through it all no matter what the struggle I love him he's my romeo and im his Juliet we love each other until the very end I love him for that he is my best friend till
Days come and go
it’s 12:34 and i guess i’m just a sack of skin caffeine replacing my endorphins my happiness is busy she’s gone, running out my nose and streaming out of my eyes and
Three hundred sixty five days each year But this one was with you, my dear From our very first kiss, the sixth of January I’ve dreamt that someday we will marry We’ll live happy ever after, as it should be
There once was a boy who stood out from the rest The girls and guys both all knew he was the best He was 6 foot 3, hit his head on ceiling fans And his flawless skin was a natural golden tan
This poem for you may seem somewhat cliché This poem may show I get carried away But I promise you now, my words are true This poem is one big “Tyler, I love you!”
Dana never could remember what was proper to say His only concern ever was to make someone's day. So when Dana saw a girl, as lonely as could be, He walked up to that girl, and that girl was me.
Ive just been layin here in bed, you're the only thing going thru my head..every little thing about you, all the things i love, all the things you do that just captivate me...
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