Let's talk about money and a bad relationship

He buys you things,

so you let him beat you down,

(My mom)

yell at you 

(my friend)

and call you a bitch, hoe, tramp and everything else indecent under the sky

(my other friend)

I didn't know domestic violence so heavily surrounds me.

I didn't know (I) the one with no one,




lovey dovey, 

would have the best relationship out of everybody.

The relationship with myself.

Although my self Esteem has been lowered by one thing or another

I still seem to escape the horrible claws of domestic violence/internal warfare.

If you look at it, I am better off.

I take care of nobody but me,

I can care, without hestitation, about no one else but me.

Your pregnant and yet your on again off again boyfriend still decides to put his hands on you.

You fight him back, but of course he's stronger.

He wins out agaisnt your failed attempts at protecting yourself... and your unborn child.

And to you... mother, you fight and argue and one day... one day.

Your argument turns physical, I am not there to witness.

But I see the Humongous  gash on your face

and bloody wounds on the side of your head.

He kicks us out of the house. 

And just a few days later (5) he welcomes us back.

How charmed.

What a good fellow you picked.

And lastly to you,

he buys you clothes, brings you food, pay your phone bill,

gives you money to get your hair and nails done.

And yet his almighty tongue is a sword.

Lashing out at you giving you verbal-Mental gashes.

See you all are battered, all are abused, all are victims of your own Inferiority.

Not because you are inferior. No. 

But because you won't,

Wake up, wake up. 

I know this disease-like violence is killing you.

Slowly but surly, you gona' be dead.

Your self esteem,

your livelihood will be at stake.

Wake up,

watch out.

Your surly dying.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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