Budding Love

Sat, 11/28/2015 - 01:03 -- jean14

There once was a time when you came into my life

 We were once just a friend, teasing each other with playful remarks

And giving witty comebacks to each other’s responses.

The happiness you gave me just added to spice up my life and day

All the kindness you’ve shown to me,

Who would expect that behind those warm gestures,

There’s a hidden feelings being kept?


I only thought that you were just a good friend to me

When there was something more to that that you felt towards me.

Each and every day, we found ourselves looking for each other

Until there comes a time where you just couldn’t help but express your true feelings.

Your confession gave me the pleasure and I was happy

Happy that you’re brave enough to tell me how you feel.


Ever since that day, every time we hear each other’s voices,  

And every time we try to catch a glimpse of each other’s faces,

It gives me the butterflies they said you would feel in the stomach

When there’s love forming and will surely continue budding.

That awesome feeling that you gave me, no doubt that I have it in me

No doubts that I have the same feelings as you have.


Days passed by, you and I walked in the aisle together, heading to the formal dance

And sharing happiness with each other as we dance our heart out .

I had a great time with you and surely you did too

In the middle of the night, you have disappeared beside me.

I’ve looked around and there you are coming towards me once again

Asking for my hand, giving me the best feeling I’ve ever had

As you say the words,









And here I am filled with joy and enchantment,

Giving you the answer that gives a good tone in your ear,

“Yes” is how I responded

Twas’ just the beginning of our budding love.





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