A Red and Black Tale

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 18:02 -- m.tpete

It all started in a sea wrought of Red and Black

Independence among me, us three, never looking back

But every backbeat moving me forward to the sound of music

Imploring the euphoria we seek, of beauty.

There she stood awaiting our approval

Removal of nothing but that scarlet dress she wore, so immaculate

Trying hard to suppress even the slgihtest stress that there may be a spark

Igniting my left-side-chest, play it cool, its only school, shes only;

A girl

Oh how wrong I was, oh how foolish it was

How could I ignore the fact, that act, every song lyric we passed

How could I be so blind so crass to the connection

There was a click like I was a lock and you were a key

Just a tick tock away from a life of satisfaction of understanding, to be happy

Alas this is a fairy tale

She was the queen and I the peasant in the search of light in the dark of that Red and Black night

Yearning to be her Red and Black knight protecting her from the plight

Of pillagers and bandits, shielding away the earth and promising the planets

Like every story, there was worry, conflict in the hope of this new love

Above hoping that jealousy won't drag me down, but below her uplifting smile will let me drown

In her

Hoping, wanting, desperately needing the company of such a fine somebody

Reluctantly waiting for the moment of her farewell

Hopelessly waiting for the moment of our embrace once more

In a nutshell our love was the stairwell to another heaven above hell

But instead a bookstore where troubles wouldn't trouble you anymore 

And furthermore enjoying the great life before us

Because those three words weren't just a sentence

We swore to explore the eyesore this world has become

And together find ourselves a place upon the shelves

Through the door of our captors and into each others' arms forevermore

These 4 Red and Black months have our kingdom closer than imagined

Two Red and Black companions crashing together in passion for one anothers' attention

Our hearts sewn in two, flashing the dark side of the moon

That no matter where we go, how many miles stand between us

That no matter who we find, how many temptations bar us

That I will always and forever

Be by your side

Calm your cries

Heal your wounds

And give you the world

That I will love you as much as I can bare to give in this Red and Black land we live in

I your knight and you my maiden

We will make this world right and together, never be unshaken.


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