Lover's End


I hear a faint dissonance travel

You again, in homely tears

 I am the wet nurse at your disposal;

 So, let me be drained by the frenzy of desperation . . . .


Crusade along the barren land,

Consign to oblivion –

Sprawl in sear streams –

Has our world really changed?

Sound brings life!  

But where is your chorale of merriment?


Still, I am fond of you . . .


A labyrinth has been made,

To keep me stunned, in the puzzle of our Eden.

Forever to dwell in and for 

Obscurity to beat us blind . . .


This barbarity carves me away

Like a lizard sliced in two

This plexus changes so, 
Our evenings are spent in apathy . . . 


Sharpen the dagger,

You take my hand,

This mechanism,

Locks us in two;

Both knowing what will be done,

The battle royale begins . . .


I deserve nothing, but liberty.


You are the beast!

Destroying everything you touch

Callous to the nerve

You cannot understand my need

To feel . . .


Be my dagger, smooth slayer

Let this end.

In the wake,

I see those eyes,

Creating rupture in our heaven . . . 


Dagger in hand,

I strike


In the flavor of bliss,

I dwindle


Like running waters,

I lie


It engulfs me,

I die.


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