Terrified of Falling

Mon, 08/12/2013 - 00:18 -- jkpaige


I'm terrified of falling but I’d fall for you . Heartaches , knee scrapes , & a couple tears too . I’d relive the very anguished reason my heart grew hard & stopped believing . I’d risk my all for a taste of your everything . Heaven just came & delivered your angel wings . But you can't wear them yet ‘cause we haven't started . I fedexed you my heart , but the box is still guarded . I wanna believe you're different , not different enough . Be different for me , different for us . Reminiscing my tearstained cheeks is enough to render my disbelief ; In love . I used to stumble easily , but I gave up . I gave up believing in the possibility of a love so real . Last time love knocked , my heart she killed . So tell me how you really feel . ‘Cause perfect illusions build false conclusions & I need your love to correct my delusions . I don't wanna see them in you ; Reflections of my past , my rearview. So tell me what it is you're after , give me a reason to start this chapter . I'm not asking for perfect , I'm not asking for doves . No flowers , no candy , no storybook love . Your heart is the organ I'm inquisitive of . & I want it all . No ifs , no buts . Because I'm giving you the power to make me weak , to make me stumble off of my feet . I need you to do the same . No pretending , no childish games . Like a newborn baby , it’s a privilege to hold , this heart of mine is made of gold . & I'm trying to give it all to you , scars & bruises & a few rips too . You can be the anesthesia to my pain , the doctor to my heart, the teacher to my brain . I'm just saying ; I'm willing to fall - I mean , fall for you . If you're willing to catch me & fall with me too .


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