Confused Love


United States
39° 59' 10.8708" N, 75° 6' 7.1784" W

You've said repeatedly that I'm the girl you want, the girl you need

But, you can't  just have me when you want her

Long talks on the phone at night when I should be studying

Saying I'm the perfect girl doesn't matter when you're staring deep into her eyes

This can't be love because I shouldn't feel this empty

I can't live without you, but I hate you 

I hate that you kiss her with the same lips and buy her the same gifts 

You're completely full of sh*t!

Be honest with yourself, she isn't at all what you want

Walk me home and hold my hand like you used to

Don't just keep me hiding in the dark

Tell her she's just here for fun, I'm the one

Cuddle with me at night when it's freezing cold and you need someone to hold

Don't whisper in her ear that you love her

When you're screaming to the world that you love me

Don't be confused babe, just love me


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