The Future That I Interrupted.

You won't get married to him.

Not yet, at least.

I probably won't either, but that's only because you're both cheaters.

But for now, I'm glad I ruined your chance with him.

By the way, you're a terrible cook

Which means that I spared him the disgust of your awful cooking.

And now I get the kiss everyday during work

Because I have a real job, and he always visits me.

It's cute.

Now I'm the girl in his life, and it's hilarious

Because this whole time you kept trying to make it you.

We spend cold nights lying down in his car.

Not quite your fantasy, but it's my reality.

Maybe someday I'll really love him.

And maybe we'll even start a family.

Just like you wanted for yourself.

We might buy a house together. 

Just an apartment until after college, though.

And I'll have the wedding of my dreams.

It'll be large, yet awkward.

Just like my personality.

Maybe it'll be by the beach, even though we both hate water.

And it'll be full of awkward dancing (just like our senior prom).

I'll have a billion pets,

But no cats, because I respect the fact that he dislikes them.

And he'll want them too, because he'll love me and respects that I respect his hatred of cats.

He always laughs with me (not at me)

And sometimes he even sings in the car with me. 

I'm always car DJ and he deals with my emo tunes.

He gives me comfort and happiness

And I return the favor.

Why wouldn't I?

The only fight we've ever had was because of you.

And when he said that he was done with your problems

It was solved.

His family actually likes me.

They like me!

You wanna know how I know?

When he asks his mom if she likes me, she responds with 'yes, she's great!'

Not 'why does it matter if I like your girlfriend?' like she always did with you.

He calls me gorgeous and beautiful everyday.

Occasionally he throws in 'princess.'

Princesses turn into Queens.

So maybe one day

I'll be his Queen, faithful to her King.

Something you clearly couldn't handle.

We go on dates at least once a week.

After every date, we go to my house and talk in the dark, glancing at the sky.

We went hiking, then we went up to Red Rock Canyon a few weeks ago.

We found pictographs!

The week before, we went to the mall.

I dressed him up in a Hot Topic.

You blocked me on Facebook the second I posted the pictures of that day.

How bitter.

We both play the same video games.

"My first full series was Sly Cooper."



"The one with the raccoon theif?"


"You're perfect!"

I bet you can't even tell that he was in the conversation.

Fun fact: I was the one stuttering.

I always grumble at him about Country Music 

But the truth is that I'm starting to like it.

The same goes for him and my emo music.

I used to pet his hair... before he cut it, that is.

But actually, it's not that bad.

I can actually see his forehead.

It's cute.

Sometimes we make plans.

I feel bad for knowing that won't work out.

Sometimes I wish they would...

Because maybe I am falling in love.

Wouldn't you just hate that?

At one point, he said 'when we're older, I'll have to start taking you to those emo bars you talk about.'

I wonder if we'll stay together until we're old...

I almost want to.

Sometimes I want to be his wife...

But I'm just happy knowing that I have him.

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