Young Love


They say young love doesn't last long. I'm hoping we can prove them wrong. Let's take it back to when we first met. You was posted up looking at the basketball net. The first thing I notice was your eyes. People said they were real, but those were lies. Next, was the smile that you don't like to show. I wanted you, but I didn't want you to know. Courage was what I needed to get you. Since I didn't have that. I didn't know what to do. With the help of your match making cousin and my bestfriend. We became boyfriend and girlfriend. Unfortunatly, we last for two weeks maybe three. I know and lord knows it was because of me. I broke up with you for a stupid reason. Maybe it was cause you road the bench the whole season. Considering I was popular and cared what people use to say. I didn't think to care about your feelings in any kind of way. I know you always wanted to know why, and everytime you brought it up. I never gave you a honest reply. It's a lot more to say about it that you won't like. So I'm going to change the sub and continue to write. Enough about that, remember 2012 we were like a pact. We wasn't together, but we were close. Always holding hands I use to stay writing about you on my Facebook post. Then I let you slip away again. This time you fell into the arms of my childhood friend.


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