Forbidden Love

Dear My First Love,


Second guessing my hope in us

Comes from the misguiding thoughts of others

Talk of wanting better for me

Goes through one ear and out of the other

But I know what is best for me

Which holds the future of us as lovers

So I look beyond the present

When I’ll become all of our kids’ mother


You’ll have a greater love for them

More than you have for your friends and brothers

Their judgmental thoughts are proved wrong

By the way we look at one another

Can’t wait to enjoy the long nights

All watching movies under the covers

We’ll act off of our own feelings

The day we no longer have to suffer


But then I start to overthink

What if you give up at any second?

We would’ve wasted so much time,

Love, care, energy, and affection

Maybe I was another girl

Meanwhile thinking I was your best blessing

Hearing all the thoughts in my head

Now probably causes you to question


If I love you like you love me

Then you have all this built up aggression

You know I’m known to think too much

And I look to others for direction

I look to the angels above

Like your beautiful mother in heaven

Ask her to look out for us both

As we strive to continue progression


Amazing how we can go months

When we were together every second

I’d do anything to fix this

And go back to normal in your presence

Another chance to feel your touch

And be under you in your protection

But it happened for a reason

Everything’s a blessing or a lesson


So I will start to look forward

Instead of reminiscing on the present

I got love for you forever

I’ll wait ‘til you’re back in my possession


Your Lost One

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