All I Need

Sun, 03/13/2016 - 20:57 -- MeliaC

All I Need by Melia Candelaria Your lips, your eyes the way you smile at me when we brush fingertips in the store as we stroll through the aisles as though there is some secret that only I can understand.   The way your hair falls over your eyes in the shower when you're sopping wet splashing me playfully, making me swat at you laughing and kissing as we always do.   Your goofy humor that always matches mine brightening my day on the worst of them making me giggle in spite of myself  and inspiring endless, electric kisses that are just like the first time.   To be without these things that make up  our love would be impossible, unimaginable  a slow death of the soul, slowed only by the possibility of seeing you.   No comfort or pleasure of this earth can sustain me piece my heart back together and let me be my true self like you do.    You are the only partner I want the only touch I desire the only heart that beats with mine. You are all that I need.   

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