Love Letter

Dear Future Lover,

I want a love letter

One that tells me I’m beautiful

How my smile illuminates a room

And how my body sets the mood

Saying my lazy eye is exotic looking

And how that’s the only reason people keep looking

I want a love letter … that tells me I’m smart

Smart enough to get better grades then my bestest grades

And my intelligence will match comprehending the album Lemonade

And in this letter that you must write me (I mean it, it’s not optional)

I want you to tell me you’re lucky to have me

And how all that I did for you will always be appreciated,

Yeah that sounds nice.

But that’s the love letter that I WANT not NEED

See the letter I NEED would tell me to find love in myself

Before I mistake it for lust in a man

The letter I NEED would tell me not to give a damn

About the people that’s wondering why I’m still single

The love letter I NEED would tell me to write

With all of my might

That the words of my soul

Would somehow unfold,

Would somehow bring me peace

Would somehow comfort me,

Comfort me in such a way

That I will content in my skin

Self-confidence?  I’m getting it.

Clarity. I got it.

So you know what society? I’m fine with being lonely.

It baffles me how much I’ve been brainwashed to think comparing myself to others is beneficial

When I can just love myself

The way  I love poetry

These words help me help myself

Because when harsh thoughts come in

Uplifting words go out

And that keeps me from beating myself up.

My boyfriend will come

And by then I’ll be ready.

Ready for love

And ready for my love letter.

I use these words as therapy

It’d never give me pain.

I’ll never be ashamed.

I used to feel the weights of the chains

But there’s much more to gain.

I write for me

So I can achieve.

There’s no way I can succeed

Without the push I need,

I dream, I leave

I cry but poetry has opened my eyes

In ways only words could describe

I find pride in my work and pride in myself.

I love this love letter.

So I’ll be waiting on yours next.

It’s okay. I won’t compare yours to mine

My passion for poetry is strong and it won’t descend.

It’s getting late; I’ve took a chunk of your time.

I’ll be waiting so don’t get behind

On writing my love letter.

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