I Hear Love Is An Amazing Thing

I hear love is an amazing thing All the hugs, kisses, and gifts. But what happens when the person I love betrays Me? Leaves Me stranded in a deep dark empty hole, Trying to escape, searching for help, But I can’t seem to find any. Shutting down, I shut everyone out.  I’m numb because the pieces of my heart  Have been shattered, destroyed, and forgotten.  All the fantasies in my head are now useless because The person I thought I’d spend my whole life with  Is suddenly gone because of their stupid mistake. The person who I sacrificed my friends for, is now gone.  So who is there left to turn to? What do I say when someone asks me what happened? Will I tell them the truth or will I lie?  Because it’s too painful to go back to that hole.  The hole, which I’ve covered up with bandages,  My heart, which I've taped the pieces together, And myself, which I’ve bordered up with 100 foot walls. I hear love is an amazing thing, but…  How can something so amazing be so painful at the same time? I hear the first heartbreak is the hardest,  Which didn’t seem to make sense at the time.  But now, it’s the story of my life.  How am I supposed to move on  When the last six months of my thoughts revolved around him? And now they're empty because the person that I love is now gone.  It sucks, but I try my best.  I try my best to keep moving forward,  Even when everything is holding me back.  I try to love again but, The hole is too sensitive to let anyone in. So I keep going, keep pushing, and I have a little hope,  Someday I will be able to find a new person to love. 

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Marlon Pitter

Lovely poem.


Thank you! :)


thank you for writing these words. i know how you feel


It's my pleasure, I am honored to be able to touch people through these words. 

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