Uncrumpled Quiz

All I can think is
I don’t want to go there
I don’t want to go there
I’ve always refused to go there
Tour there
Talk about there
Other than the dropping of a name or two
But what does sacrifice mean otherwise
And what would I be sacrificing
My education?
I’d still get a college degree.
My friends?
I have some there…
My happiness?
What makes you happy?
Eau Claire
My Parents
My Boyfriend
Say I could have two of the three
Eau Claire
My Boyfriend
Say I could have only one
To pick Eau Claire means that I’m waiting it out.
It means that I’m scared of the unknown, that I’m testing my Boyfriend,
To see how much he can take
Sounds shitty.
Shit Girlfriend
Sacrifice and love go hand in hand
Don’t they?
So I choose my Boyfriend
And that says a lot
About my commitment to him
And my commitment to staying near Burlington?
My commitment to living at home?
My commitment to wasting money on gas?
That is, if I commute.
My commitment to being independent?
My commitment to my dreams?
So am I sacrificing my happiness?
Who’s to know?
Not me.
I don’t know.
I don’t know about my commitment to my Boyfriend
And if it’ll last a month, a year, four.
I feel like this is one of those
Questions on a quiz
That you swear you know
Swear it was on a flashcard
But then you just crumple up the paper and walk out
I wouldn’t do that
I wait until the last minute
Stay after class
Because I swear I know
Give up
That’s always how it goes.
He’s saying that he can’t
He’s saying that he could
It’d be hard
No shit
I’m not actually mad.
But don’t you understand
That if you could
Then you would
Then I wouldn’t be faced with making these decisions
These sacrifices
So say I stay
Say I choose
Eau Claire
What does that make me?
What does that make me?
To me
To him
If this were a quiz
I’d crumple it
Then uncrumple it
That’s not even a word
No Credit
Bad girlfriend
Good girlfriend
Could be the best girlfriend
Could be more than his girlfriend
Who’s the one sacrificing here?
And is it worth it
Is it really the right decision?
Is it?
Check yes
Check no
Answer is none of the above
Check none of the above
Answer is all of the above
But how
I don’t know
That should be an option
It’s the only thing I do know


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