I fell in love in three days.

I fell in love in three days. In three days, I felt emotion radiating from your eyes as you gazed down into my own, softly cradling the edges of my heart as I foolishly let my guard down. 



I fell in love in three days. As we entwined our hands, our souls shifted onto a path of our own, a path together. Or so I thought. 


I fell in love in three days. I can’t forget the way I felt while I was laying on your chest, listening to your heartbeat, inhaling your intoxicating scent, and feeling like I was complete, finally, for once in my life.

I fell in love in three days. We cuddled on my bed and you kissed me. I smiled in the midst of our lips colliding. That’s when I knew I was comfortable around you. It was like I had known you for my entire life. 

I fell in love in three days. After some time of messy hands wandering around, exploring, and claiming territory, I laughed and told you my hands were sweaty. You just grinned at me, took my wrist, and pushed my hand against your face. Our laughs harmonized perfectly together. I never felt more at peace. It was like I had found my soulmate. 


I fell in love in three days. It’s insane how someone can come into your life so suddenly, someone you hadn’t known existed, someone you carried on totally fine without before they burst the lock around the chains of your deepest nudity, revealing not only your naked body, but your naked soul. 


I fell in love in three days. I’ve always enjoyed sleeping but I’ve never had ease drifting off into it’s dark comfort. Your arms were another story though, and snuggling into your chest was an immediate passage into bliss. My breath would become shallow and even as you put a gentle kiss on the top of my head. Never before had I felt more secure.. A lifetime of abandonment issues and paranoia vanished in your presence. 

I fell in love in three days. The first time you hugged me was the first time we met, and as our bodies melted together, you put your head on mine. I think that’s the moment I realized I was falling for you, the moment that I knew the golden haired boy I had my arms around, the one who was almost an entire foot taller than me, was the one that I was going to try to give the world to. 


I fell in love in three days. We sat in the back of the car as He drove and She chattered happily, and although we were all in a confined space together, the four of us, it was as if just you and I were in a place of our own. The way your eyes looked that night as they sparkled in the moonlight might be the most cliche thing I’ll ever write about, but it’s an image that is forever seared into my mind. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it was all an act. I was so naive. 


I fell in love in three days. After I gave you a precious piece of me, after we connected physically, in a way deeper than words will ever know, you kissed the top of my forehead and held my waist as we gazed into each other’s eyes. I felt no regret. I made love to someone I love. My heart was bursting with nothing but absolute joy and passion. My head was spinning, trying to comprehend how I was lucky enough to end up in a such a beautiful place with such a beautiful person. I made love to you that day. That day, the one when we lost our virginities. That day, as I made love to you, you fucked me. That’s all it was to you. Sex. 


I fell in love in three days. I remember the way the warmth melted out of your eyes during the hours after I gave you my purity, the way that the adoration they once held was replaced with a cold look I had never witnessed before. I know my face must have dropped as you removed your hand from mine when I tried to go to you, but if you noticed, you didn’t acknowledge it. The emotionless gaze fixed on your face when you told me we were through shot an icicle through my heart and left a cold spot deep in my chest. It’s still there.


I fell in love in three days. I also lost you in three days. On day four, I woke up laying in a hospital bed, my mother clutching my wrist that dropped scarlet tears from the cracks I made in it when you left me. My love was no lie, but I can’t say the same for yours. It’s pathetic really, I was laying in a hospital bed because the way you made me feel once I uncovered your cruel plan destroyed my will to live, but I wanted nothing more than to bury my face into your neck and listen to your heart beat in your chest. You played the part too well, but when you got what you wanted, you left, you stabbed me and broke my heart and then left the dust of the pieces scattered on my bedroom floor. You left, you took everything with you, as if our time together was nothing but a dream or a short-lived hallucination. 


I lost you in three days. You took everything with you as you fled, everything but my love for you, or rather, who I thought you were. Now I’m lying in bed, unable to get up and face reality because once you entered my life my world changed and the person you made me become understood and loved that world, but the person that you left behind has no business in that world. It’s not as if she understands it or even wishes to either. I’m drifting in an in-between state, going about with my life, but I’ve become detached. You cut several of the strings that held me in place. I don’t know if they’ll ever come back.. Perhaps they’ll be replaced, knotty messes trying to make up for what’s been lost, but the scars that you made will always be there.


I lost you in three days. It’s scary and although you’re the one that put me in this position, I still miss you. I understand that the person that broke you can’t be the one to fix you, but I can’t help but hope that you’ll come back. I can’t believe that you did such a thing to me, but the worst part is, I can’t believe that I allowed it to happen. I can’t believe that I didn’t love myself enough to walk away, and I can’t believe that even after all the things you put me through, if you came towards me with open arms right now,



I wouldn’t hesitate to run into them.

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