Do You Remember

Do you remember when you helped me with my books in choir

Or when you jokingly asked me to go out with you?

When you pressed your hand against mine or

All those times we texted back and forth.

Do you remember the time you invited me to your birthday party?

All the times you tried to hug me?

And all the days at my locker?

When you took my purse and my coat

And wouldn’t give them back.

And when I’d pass by your class

You’d be waiting outside the door

To say hello and tease me for being late.

Do you remember when you confided in me

For being nervous to ask out one of my best friends?

I was crushed but I listened anyway

And i was happy for you when you finally did

When you broke up I no longer hid my feelings

But neither did Ii admit them.

And then, when you confessed to liking my very best friend

Right before I told you I liked you?

Thrown away again but I couldn’t stop thinking of you

Do you remember?

Do you remember all these times that left such an impression on me?

Because I cannot forget


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