Waiting For My Soldier


Some people wonder how I do it,

Why I wait for this man.

Because Im proud of what he does,

I love him because I can.

This "Toughest Job" they speak of,

I volunteerd for it.

I promised I would support him,

He knows I'll never quit.

Camoflauge from head to toe,

He's my hero through and through.

Standing there so tall and proud,

I love my soldier, it's true.

While he's gone, the days grow long,

The nights are even longer.

I try to tell myself everyday,

This distance will make us stronger.

It matters not how far he is,

Nor how long he is gone.

He knows Im waiting with open arms,

Here for him when he comes home.

But for now I patiently wait,

I take it a day at a time.

No matter what I know it's worth it,

Because I can call that soldier Mine.


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