It's The Little Things

I awake to steady thrumming beat of a guitar string being struck,

And I grumble ‘5 more minutes.’

It’s 5:30 in the morning.

The interest in actually waking is obviously 0%.



My finger clumsily slides the alarm to snooze,

But instead of taking my 5 minutes extra I pick up my phone,

And turn on the screen.

Squinting at the bright light I check for a message from him.


My sweetheart,

            My everything,

                                    My boyfriend – Tristen.


It’s not a text reciting his undying love,

But a simple ‘Good morning sweetheart!’

And that’s all I need.


If you haven’t guessed,

I don’t wake up this early so I can have a long shower

Or Stop to get Starbucks on my way to school.

I wake up this early to I can see Him.

So I can spend a few extra moments

Holding his hand

Or sitting there listening to him talk about his weekend.


They say it’s the little things in life that mean the most,

And it’s little moments, like those, with him, that are my motivation to wake up.

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