Your black hair, your black skin,

Everything is so beautiful to me.

Your large hands are soft, and

your kiss ignites a thousand

feelings in me. I cannot describe

how awesome you are.

You are simply lovely, my darling.


When you sit deep in thought, I

can only wonder what wanders

through your mind. I am

fascinated by who you are,

your passions, and the lifestyle

you desire...but I am merely me,

and you are simply lovely.


I think you graceful, a fallen angel –

but I dare not say those things.

You wouldn't agree, I dare say,

but I believe you think me the same.

I whisper to you what's on my mind,

but you keep your thoughts secret.

Admirable and shameful, I believe –

why don't you think yourself lovely?


All the world could bow to you,

yet I'd be your queen by your side.

I doubt you'd love that position,

since you'd rather fight

for your country, a hero in some

people's eyes. You inspire me

to follow my dreams, and I wish

for you to do the same, darling.


Go forward, and light the torch!

Guide the innocent through caves

of misery! You are a brave soldier,

whether you think that or not.

I have always thought you brave,

glorious, helpful, selfless, not so're just so...lovely.


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