moments to store

Days come and go

Poems come from within
From where I am about to begin
I'll Show you the day
I saw you, bay bay
I drove to LA
Where I went
To spend my day
To be with you
Cause I missed you
Showing up with such excitement
I knew the day was just right then
You looked a me with such a smile
I couldn't help but to cry a lil
We held each other in our arms
Not letting go until the day was gone
Getting ready for date night
We went to the room
And turned on the light
We chose our outfits
We both looked just right
As we made our way to the car
I saw a shooting star
I closed my eyes
Made a wish
That we would be together
Like a pond with two fish
We drove to the place
Where we both said grace
Had a meal
With a great deal
Of laughter
That's what the night was after
Joining us two
Closer than before
I had no clue
This was a moment to store
Because what happened next
I did not guess
You gave a speech
And at the end
You asked me to be
your girlfriend

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