Trying to Define Love


I love music and I analyze the world around us according to two genres: Hip-Hop and RnB

More specifically I define love in terms of their beat

What rhymes catch my attention and what rhythms prompt me to move out of my seat

I define love in terms of what lyricists have to say

Telling stories of fear to be vulnerable

Refusing to engage in those dangerous games

More importantluy the role of sex and how it's portrayed

The basis of love gets confused with sex which tricks our minds into believing that the physical is more important than the mental...the spiritual 

And I never understood love to begin with

Maybe because I grew up amongst people who made love look like it hurts

Is love pain? No.  That makes no sense

How can two people truly love each other while putting their sanity at expense

So I go back to music

I go back to poetry

I go back my one on one's with God

and try to push each and every fragment of my mind and define what exactly love is?

Is it sealed by sex or it something more or something less

I'll figure it out eventually

And for now I'll just keep listening to the beat

Searching for answerss in rhymes and rhythms

Through questioning friends with more experience in love than me

And searching for answers in rap and Hip-Hop and most of all RnB


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