Your lips give juice from the sweetest fruit.
Your dick gives pleasure like an unworldly treasure.
Your soul is not humdrum; it's much like the sun.
Your love and wind are alike. Without it, no flight to the kite.
When we die, I'll be with you in the afterlife.
If we fly, we can make some love in the sky.
When your lower lip pokes out, it's so pleasant to the eye.
I will kiss you everyday as long as you don't say goodbye.
Your dimples show when you smile, magnificent.
My nipples, you suck for a while, make me wet.
Look at your face and listen to your laugh.
I'm overcome with love blissfulness, and it ain't finna pass.
Hold my hand.
Kiss me soft.
Let's slow dance.
Let's get lost.
You pulled me into the water when I was dehydrated.
The water is immortal, hasn't even evaporated.
It never will. If it did, me, it would kill.
I'm addicted to the thrill. I am ill.
I wanna sit down and listen to you speak.
I wanna repay for respecting and listening to me.
I wanna stand up and guarantee that you're happy.
Although, life is spectrum. Hearts are bound to bleed.
I'm blind to other guys. I'm incapable of a black lie.
No one else is allowed in this sanction of my soul or between my thighs.
You are my awake, my asleep, my hunger, my eat.
You accept my good, my bad, and all the days I've had.
Pin me down.
Kiss me hard.
Ignore the sounds.
Let's get lost.
Honey, do you love me?
Honey, will you fuck me?
Let's go home.
Honey, do you love me?
Honey, will you fuck me?
Never leave me alone.
Simply love me,
No matter the cost.
With me eternally,
Let's get lost.


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