Forgetting (Remembering) You


As I go through my day

Trying to keep my head up

& just be okay.

I remember you in many things,

Some days more than others

I remember you in the morning,

You use to be my reason to wake up.

I see you in my cell hone.

Your contact name is just a broken heart

& Everytime my phone rings,

I hope its you.

Although it never is.

I see you in the sunshine,

Because you use to light up my day.

I see you in brown eyes,

Yours were my favorite.

I remember you when I'm cold,

I never was when I had your hands to hold.

I remember you when I see someone smoking a cigarette.

Your bittersweet sin.

I see you in the rain,

Because that was our favorite kiss.

I see you in the darkness,

Because you use to hold me through the night.

I remember how you use to tell me,

Everything will be alright.

I miss the way

You made me feel safe.

I see you in the spaces between my fingers,

Where yours use to fit perfectly.

I see you in the cartoons,

That's what we use to watch.

Now I see you in the hallway.

Well, you and her I guess.

That's killing me to have to confess.

But I want you to be happy.

Even if it's not with me. 


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