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Deleted talent you should not have went
In my heart that beats there are a few dents
The dark will be there forever more
And my pillow will forever be the cure
Eyes are heavy and the body is weak
Into the sheets are where the tears seep
There's no talking, for one cannot see
To kill the frustration and gain more sensitivity
How can you say no chances when it's one after the next
I'll never give up on you b/c I can't see the rest
This is me trying but you have to try too
Think of stuff before it happens to prevent issues between me and you
THAT is a valuable lesson I'm trying to help you learn
For the most part I've gotten it, now it's your turn
NO MATTER WHAT, for us to work 
The others feelings must be considered 1st
If it's truly the rest of your life that you say
Then I assure you and steer us right that this is the only way
Yes we should talk but most importantly listen
Because we both don't enjoy seeing fallen tears that Glisson
We CANNOT get mad at something that is our fault
Instead cut the frustration and bring the cause to a halt 
We'll be the ones who hold and protect one another at night  
So it's our job to get rid of WHATEVER each other doesn't like 
I love you and you love me 
So the initial thought should never be hard, more like easy
There should be no sighs 
Then there will be no silent cries
I stare at the wall hoping this poems knowledge will be gained
Know there's NO attack, just a reach to prevent us from pain
This is a release of how I feel 
Writing it down helps me heal


A release of my emotions.

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