Pat's Poem


I thought it would take years to find you,

Searching in an endless oblivion of lust,

Somewhere along the way I lost trust,

And figured maybe in this lifetime we would miss each other,

I’d walk past you on the street,

And left never again to meet,

But one day it happened.

And this hurt soul you mended,

And I knew,

From that moment on,

I loved you with every part of this messed up heart of mine,

And I was meant for you,

As you were for me,

So tonight I need you here my dear,

To whisper sweet nothing’s in my ear,

When the world seems so manic,

You’re the only thing to stop the panic,

You bring comfort to my insane brain,

When I talk crazy,

And my mind goes hazy,

You lead me through the battle field that is my mind,

You make my monsters go blind,

In the jumble of my thoughts and choices,

You’re the only thing I’ve ever been truly sure about,

I never understood,

When my mother told me,

“When you meet the one you just know,”

Until I saw the way you looked at me,

And you set my demons and heart free.



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