We resemble us

I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head

Where are your thoughts

Who is in them

How are you feelings

I ask these questions repeatedly as I want to know everything about you

I want to know how you with which hand do you style your hair with, how you eat your penne vodka compared to a cordon bleu, and your decision process when it comes to clothes to wear that evening

Our relationship grew fast

Our relationship was more mature than my 13 year old sister thought she was

We became one

Our thoughts and sentences, word choice, it was all the same

We are in the same moods for Netflix and chill or to party or to go out and eat

We brush our teeth in the same circular motion because we spent too many “Morning Afters” together

I ask questions I already know the answer to

The phrase “I don’t answer stupid questions” became a common response 

we fell asleep and woke up at the same time, sleeping in the sam position, looking into the same eyes

we showered at the same time

we saw movies together

we went to parties together

we washed our cars together

we listened to our parents talk together

we watched our siblings soccer games together

the more similarites that appeared, the faster we became one

and it is blissful


but don’t opposites attractive?

The more we were together the more were grew alike

The more the same things bothered us

The more we bickered about what to get to eat

The more we hated something about each other that we had the same trait of

The more we didn’t see eye to eye

The more games I missed agruing about the same problems

The more times I wasn't about of your parents conversations 

The more I heard “ I will love you even if you leave me” than “I love you”


I lay down in bed thinking about what could be going on through your head

Where are your thoughts

Am I in them

How are you feeling about us

They say couples that grow old together begin to resemble one another,

Physically and emotionally

But what happens when two people are already alike from the beginning,

Your appearance changes

You use your left, instead of your right hand to comb your hair

I do not know which way you brush your teeth anymore

Which movie are you watching

Are we taking  a shower tonight

Are you coming to my sisters game

You don't wear that shirt with those pants and where did this jacket come from

where did any of this come from


The force that drove us together to become one was the same force that pushed us away when we realized that this place, our hearts, our thoughts, cannot hold another one of us

As I already have one of me to care for

I ask you again what are your thoughts

You answer, “I don’t see our resemblance anymore”

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