Interracial Love


Interracial Love

I found love not within my race
but in another ethnic place
who put a shine of love upon my face.

The love we share does not define the color of our skin 
it‘s an emotional love that was created from within.
Our hearts have been filled with lasting emotion from
the Creator above this allows us to see unconditional 

I would not have found a mate 
like you being exceptionally great.
I am glad we did not allow the racist hate
to separate our minds 
for we have created a special bind. 
We are an idol that exemplifies a love that has no 
limitations or stagnation.

Whenever we hold each other close
our hearts exchange warm affection. 
That gives us a strong love connection
we have for one another which is a wonderful treasure
of lasting pleasure. 

I am pleased that we are together 
and our love will be forever. 


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