Love shouldn't hurt.
I shouldn't have tear drop stains on my shirt.
I shouldn't feel like I'm alone,when you're in the room.
I shouldn't feel weak , with you I should be strong.
Love shouldn't be yelling, calling me dumb.
Love should be warm kisses, and sweet hugs.
Love shouldn't be hiding my feelings, being afraid of your reaction.
Love should be solving our problems , then laughing, because I was overreacting.
Love should be talking about our day.
Love shouldn't be you shutting me out , because you couldn't get your way.
Love should be "I love you's" and "let's do's".
Not "you're stupid's"and "I wish I never met you's"
Love should be kind.
One soul, One mind.
I'm yours and you're mine.
I really love you
But I'm not feeling loved too.
You make my heart ache.
You make my heart break.

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