Handsome Alex


United States
42° 51' 51.606" N, 87° 54' 49.9212" W

There once was a boy who stood out from the rest
The girls and guys both all knew he was the best
He was 6 foot 3, hit his head on ceiling fans
And his flawless skin was a natural golden tan
His hair was straight, went down to his brows
Both the color of dark wood, they aroused
His eyes, almond-shaped and -colored, dazzled all
In no way was he less than perfect nor small
And any time of day he had a smile on his face
He was the one everyone wanted to chase
His mouth was wide with lips so full and pink
Around him and his beauty, I could hardly think
His jaw and chin were chiseled like a god
This boy left all who crossed his path in awe
Sure, he was lanky, but muscles you could see
He had baseball mitts for hands and big clown feet
But, of course, they only added to his charm
Along with the fact that he was always so warm
This wonderful boy found a girl and thereafter
Together forever, they lived happily ever after


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